Anastasia Ana Prem

September 2008 was the time when I took part in my very first yoga class. And it turned out to be the first step in a long journey.

A journey which eventually led me away from my family, friends, job and city life and to the Delhi International Airport. I had 4 years (which, at that time, I was thinking was a really long time) of an unregular practice of asana and pranayama, very blurry knowledge about yoga philosophy but deep confidence and a strong feeling that I was finally at the place where I was meant to be. I came to India to take part in a YTTC which was held under the personal guidance of Guruji Bal Mukund Singh (Morarji Desai National Yoga Institute in Delhi, India). It was an intense, beautiful and tough time. So much knowledge and experience just poured into my life. My mind, like a sponge, soaked every little moment, word, movement, wisdom, and lessons which I was getting from teachers.

After course I decided to stay in the Himalayas of Northern India to deepen my practice of yogic science and get some teaching experience. All this time easily could be a story for one of the indian movies with crazy scenarios, dances, sadhu, miracles, cows and weddings. Though it’s been just a few years it feels like a lifetime. Beautiful, beautiful life full of love and hate, excitement and disappointment, bliss and doubts, endless happiness and despair. Pure life how it's supposed to be – where nothing is permanent, where everything could be a meditation: from silent Vipassana to dynamic Osho dance.

Since 2013 I started to discover the power and energy of massage techniques and Ayurvedic knowledge. I had a great opportunity to be a member of Himalayan Zen School in Rishikesh and assist Swami Prem Adeh – great Zen teacher and massage therapist. With an everyday practice alongside Master Prem Adeh - I was learning how to bring energies into the balance, leaving the mind completely immersed in a serene state. With this serene state of being, I wish to help people to clearly see their true nature, which is originally pure.

At this point, I already knew then I had my own path to go. After finishing my contract work with Zen School I left India and for the next 2 years was traveling around Europe, North Africa, and Russia with classes, workshops and yoga tours. I never stop learning from my incredible students and from teachers I had the honor to work with.

Since 2016 I had a big life change event which brought me here – to California – on another side of the world. —— Yoga truly has changed my assemblage point, my practice every day teaches me to see the world, people, circumstances in different ways. It teaches me how to see the infinite magnificence and beauty in each creation; to live in the present moment and to be open to life’s flow; to get rid of fear and illusions and to learn to trust yourself, as well as the people and space around you.

I am not a supporter of the belief that "Yoga is for everyone". I believe that those who have a strong intention, clear understanding, and willingness to work without excuse can gain great results from yoga practice and increase the effectiveness of their lives.

This is not entertainment. It can be tough, challenging, frustrating. But, if one is looking for something deeper than just using asanas to improve the shape of the body or follow the latest fitness trends, then I will be happy to take your hand and join you on this journey. It is worth it.


  • Morarji Desai Institute of Yoga - B.Sc. (Yoga Science), Delhi, India
  • Ayuskama Ayurvedic lnstitute - Ayurvedic Studies Program (ASP), Rishikesh, India
  • Spirit Yoga Foundation - Hatha Yoga TTC (RYT-200), Rishikesh, India
  • Institute of Oriental Methods of Rehabilitation (Yoga Therapy TTC), Saint-Petersburg, Russia
  • Institute of Psychology and Creativity (Art-Therapy through Neurographics), Moscow, Russia
  • Himalayan Zen School (Thai & Shiatsu Massage), India